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Bruno Belhoste Science in France and China during the modern time: an institutional comparison;Residence: August 23 -October 31, 2015
Tatiana Y. Feklova Phd, CAS PIFI for Visiting Scientists;Place of work:Saint-Petersburg branch Institute of the History of Science and Technology RAN Department of the history Academy of Science;Residence:March 23, 2015~April 30, 2016;Activity:Expeditions of the Russian Academy of sciences and its institutes to the China in 19-th and 20-th centures.
Joseph W. Dauben Professor,Place of work:The Graduate Center, CUNY;Residence:March 9, 2015 ~March 15, 2015 ;Activity:Nine Chapters project
Marco Ceccarelli 意大利卡西诺大学工程系教授,2008-2011年度国际机构与机器学联盟(IFToMM)主席, 研究方向:机构与机器,机械史;来所演讲题目:Considerations on Mechanism Designs as Suitable for Cultural Heritage Evaluation
卡尔·米切姆 教授,科罗拉多矿业学院教授,(来访时间:2015年1月7日-2015年1月10日),报告题目: Plea for Philosophical Reflection on Technology on a Larger Scale
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